Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction:

Hey there! You agree to this agreement with Gamer Haven, LLC. You agree to the Terms of Service listed below. By using this platform, you agree to be bound by this agreement and any additional terms located within this agreement (including our Privacy Policy which lists the terms in which we process all personal data collected from you within this platform), In agreeing, you verify that you have the authority to bind yourself and/or the company you represent. Please refer to these terms and conditions as often as desired as these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

  1. Services:

This agreement applies to all Gamer Haven services, including Gamer Haven app once available. Within this site, users who are purchasing goods are referred to as our “buyers” and the users who are listing their merchandise for sale are referred to as, “sellers”. In using this service, the “buyers” and “sellers” enter a contract for the sale and purchase of items directly between themselves, Gamer Haven is not a party to the sale. Gamer Haven offers the platform for the contract of sale to occur.

  1. Registration:

Each party is responsible for your use of the service, and responsible for the private information divulged while using this service. The personal information you provide to Gamer Haven is governed by the Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that Gamer Haven may establish policies and practices concerning use of the Service, including policies that may delete or remove content or data, terminate inactive accounts, terminate accounts not using the site correctly. You further acknowledge that Gamer Haven reserves the right to change these general practices and limits at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice. Gamer Haven reserves the right to refuse access to the service or terminate the account of any user at any point in time without reason. Gamer Haven will not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise due to your failure to comply with this agreement.

  1. Your Responsibilities:

You are solely responsible for all information, descriptions, pictures, listings, data, text, videos, comments, or any other content that you upload, post, publish, transmit, or display via the service.

You agree to not use the service to provide any content, postings, that are unlawful, harmful, violent, illegal, infringing on third party rights, pornographic, invasive, encourage money laundering, gambling or any other unlawful or unwarranted behavior. You agree to not use this service to violate any law, rule, or regulation, including any spam, data privacy, or other restriction that may be applicable to your use of the service. You agree to not use this service to promote any illegal activity or enterprises. You agree to not use this service to stalk, harass, bully, impersonate, or solicit information from anyone. You agree to not use this service to sell or transmit anything that you do not have the right to sell or transmit. You agree to not use this service to pose a privacy or security risk. You agree to not use the service to spam any users with email, junk mail, fraud, or schemes. You agree to not use this service to take any action or inaction which Gamer Haven, in its sole judgement, believes is questionable or could cause harm or liability.

  1. Your Content:

As users of Our Services, all information, including items, messages, offers, purchases, sales, bids, etc. that you post, transmit, or submit through Our Services (content) is intended to be shared with other users (seller and buyers). By submitting any content on this platform, you hereby represent and warrant that you own all rights to the content.

 By posting or otherwise transmitting any users content you hereby grant and will grant Gamer Haven a nonexclusive, nationwide, royalty free, fully paid up, transferable, sublicensable, perpetual, irrevocable license to copy, display, transmit, perform, distribute, store, modify, make derivative works of and otherwise use in any manner your User Content in connection with the operation of the service or any other products or services of Gamer Haven, or the promotion, advertising or marketing thereof, in any form, medium or technology now known or later developed. You further represent and warrant that the content does not infringe on the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or other legal rights of any third party. Gamer Haven is not under any obligation to review any content posted by our users, our services, although we do reserve the right to do so with or without notice, to prevent or rectify any alleged violations of this agreement or any applicable law.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights:

You acknowledge the service contains images and descriptions that are third party content that is protected by the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary rights and laws. Gamer Haven retains all rights to Our Intellectual Property.

 You agree you will not copy, modify, scrape, distribute, create derivative works, or do or perform any other action with the service content or Gamer Havens intellectual property that you are exposed to through our service not explicitly authorized by this agreement. Any use of the service or the service content other than as specifically authorized herein is strictly prohibited.

  1. Infringement Policy:

Gamer Haven respects the intellectual property of others and asks that our users (buyers and sellers) do the same. Although Gamer Haven is under no obligation to do so, it will make all reasonable efforts to investigate notices of alleged infringement or violations of intellectual property laws and take actions regarding such infringement where applicable.

Purchases and Transactions

  1. Risks, No Warranty:You assume certain risks in using a marketplace service such as Gamer Haven. Gamer Haven is not involved with, nor provides a warranty for, any transaction between Buyer & Seller, nor has title to any items, and is not the Buyer or Seller in any transaction. You as buyer and/or seller assume, agreement, and understand you bear all the risks in selling or purchasing of items on the service.
  2. Fees: Registering for the services with Gamer Haven is free, however, Gamer Haven charges certain fees with various transactions. All amounts are quoted in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated, and all fees are subject to change at any point without notification. Gamer Haven reserves the right to 20% of each transaction made through the service provided. That is 20% of any and all transaction regardless of the amount. 
  3. Prohibited Items:Gamer Haven prohibits the listing or sale of any item that is illegal to sell under any applicable law, statue, ordinance, or regulation, including, without limitation. Gamer Haven prohibits the listing or sale of counterfeit items.
  4. Sellers:As a seller you agree that you have all rights necessary to sell the items you make available, and will describe such items truthfully, accurately, and completely.
  5. Buyers: As a buyer you are solely responsible for reading and reviewing the item listing before making and offer or purchasing. The contract to purchase is between you and the seller, not Gamer Haven.
  6. Purchases: Buyers may offer to purchase items from sellers, once accepted, this is considered a contract of sale between the two parties, it is a binding contract. Upon purchasing an item, a buyer is obligated to remit payment for the item to Gamer Haven including any shipping or additional fees listed.

Gamer Haven is not an auctioneer, nor is it a seller or carrier. Service includes pricing, listing, and shipping assistance, but Gamer Haven is not a buyer or a seller of items.

Gamer Haven may delay any purchases for purposes of fraud detection or to protect users from other illegal or wrongful activities. All purchases are final, with no returns, refunds, cancellations, or retractions allowed, except where a buyer cancels an order with three hours of purchase, or the purchase is cancelled where explicitly permitted by Gamer Haven or where applicable, a seller. 

  1. Shipping: Gamer Haven will provide the seller with a prepaid shipping label to send the item to the buyer. The seller must then deliver item to the buyer (with provided shipping label). The seller must ship the item within 24 hours upon receipt of the issued shiupping label, if the seller does not ship the item, we will notify seller and provide a set amount of time for shipping before the order will be cancelled. When using the provided label, the seller must only use the label to ship applicable items, and is fully responsible for contents of parcel, and must comply with all terms and conditions of the shipping carrier (USPS). If an item is lost, damaged, late, or arrives not as expected to Buyer, Buyer must report issue with Gamer Haven three days after delivery.
  1. Taxes: Purchased items may be subject to applicable taxes in your jurisdiction, which Gamer Haven will collect from Buyers on behalf of Sellers where obligated to do so, and in the event, taxes are collected and Gamer Haven is legally obligated to do so, remit such taxes to applicable taxing authorities on behalf of sellers. Please note that taxes are not included in the listed price for items but will be displayed before confirmation of purchase. Taxes may be estimated based on offers made on items but are subject to change if the final sale price is different than the original offer. Taxes are based on several factors, including price, location, and state, local, federal, or other applicable rates at time of purchase. Although Gamer Haven may assess taxes upon purchase or sale you are ultimately responsible for the verification and report of all applicable taxes to the appropriate tax authorities, including instances where Gamer Haven does not collect taxes on your behalf.
  1. Payments: Buyers may pay for items using payments methods approved by Gamer Haven, and Gamer Haven will receive payment from the buyer on behalf of seller. By submitting payment information to Gamer Haven, you authorize Gamer Haven to store that information and with your confirmation charge you for any items purchased.
  2. Fee Modifications:Gamer Haven may change or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, some or all fees for the service, and such changes will be effective upon Gamer Havens revisions.
  1. Shipping Costs:The Buyers are responsible for any shipping costs incurred with respect to their purchased items.
  1. Returns:Gamer Haven allows returns within 12 hours after receiving the merchandise. To have the return accepted and processed the item must be drastically different than what was advertised. Gamer Haven has the right to decline any returns without notice or provocation.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

Your use of the service provided by Gamer Haven is at your sole risk. The service provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, Gamer Haven expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind., whether express, implies or statutory, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement.

Limitations on Liability:

Gamer Haven is not liable for (1) any content posted on our platform; (2) purchases, sales, or other obligations that may arise between users (including members, sellers and buyers); (3) any damages that result through your use of our services; (4) any negative or critical comments that may be posted by other members on the platform; (5) any of the third party services you may be provided pursuant to your use of the platform; (6) any third party personally identifiable information you upload or provide to Gamer Haven pursuant to the services; (7) any cost of substitute goods or services.